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4 oz. Clear Plastic Champagne Detachable Base
Review by Jenny
PROM 2017.
16 oz. Pint Glass (USA Made)
Review by Kristy
I would recommend this company and would use them again,.
Custom Glassware was easy to work with. Their art department even helped with my small art adjustment and did not charge me for it. The glasses are great quality (having a good weight to them) and my imprinting came out perfectly. The glasses arrived in excellent condition due to the care in packaging, and a couple days sooner than I expected. Great Job Custom Glassware, Thank you!
Auto Bottom Box Lunch
Review by Smithd98
Regards for helping out, superb information.
16 oz. Pint Glass (USA Made)
Review by Marie
Great experience!.
We had an event to plan within a 3 month time period and saw these glasses and knew that they would be perfect for the guests gifts. They were able to rush them and they came faster than predicted and were fantastic! The company was easy to deal with and even was able to cateer to our faster shipping needs, shipping the order in smaller boxes to be mailed quicker. We had many of the quests complimenting the great quality of the glasses and even had people asking if we had extras to buy for other family members! I would definately recommend working with Custom Glassware and will be using them for further events!
Wedding Glassware

Wedding and Anniversary Graphics 
for our custom imprinted glassware

Use these pages to help you with ideas and the decision process...We can insert your personal information in any of these formats... or create a new format for you. There is no charge for typesetting and logo insertion!

Mix and Match!... Ask us to use any font you see in any other wedding graphics. OR use any graphic with any other design. Usually you can put a second side at no additional charge... SO why not add a poem, a heart or just say "Thank You" to your guests? 

Font styles shown at right can be incorporated into any of the graphics below! font1_wedding_glassware.jpg (34569 bytes)
Fonts styles without graphic
wed_secondside.gif (2996 bytes)
Phrases can be added to second side!
(a few ideas here)


wed1_champagne_flutes.gif (3729 bytes)
"Wedding 1"

wed2_wedding_gifts.gif (2927 bytes)
"Wedding 2"
wed3_custom_wedding.jpg (23268 bytes)
"Wedding 3"
wed4_imprinted_wedding.jpg (22183 bytes)
"Wedding 4"
wed6_imprinted_glasses.gif (13544 bytes)
"Wedding 6"
wed7_imprinted_glassware.gif (6954 bytes)
"Wedding 7"
wed8_customized_wedding.gif (4278 bytes)
"Wedding 8"
wed13_discount_wedding.gif (14013 bytes)
"Weddings 13"
wed10_brandy_glass.jpg (29456 bytes)
"Wedding 10"
wed11_printed_glasses.jpg (38018 bytes)
"Wedding 11"
wed12_custom_glasses.gif (3495 bytes)
"Wedding 12"
wed16_wedding_glass.gif (14569 bytes)
"Weddings 16"
This is an actual wedding invitation which we imprinted onto a bud vase... Thus the invitation doubles as a wedding favour!
wed15_grooms_name.gif (8117 bytes)
"Wedding 15"
wed27_personalized_glassware.gif (5203 bytes)
"Wedding 27"
W17_wedding_glassware.gif (7353 bytes)
"Wedding 17"
W18_imprinted_glasses.gif (7049 bytes)
"Wedding 18"

w19_wedding_imprinted.gif (7193 bytes)
"Wedding 19"
2 sided imprint
(2-sided imprints are usually no extra charge!)


Mix and Match!
We can use any font you see in any other graphic. OR use any picture in any other design layout....Just tell us what to do on your order form.
(We'll email you a sample so you can see how it looks)
W20_glassware_weddings.gif (8874 bytes)

"Wedding 20"

W21_custom_wedding.gif (7102 bytes)

"Weddings 21"

W22_wedding_favors.gif (5500 bytes)
"Weddings 22"
W24.gif (5110 bytes)"Weddings 24"
Neat Idea - Your own signature
W25.gif (7017 bytes)
"Wedding 25"

wed26_personalized_glass.gif (13366 bytes)
"Wedding 26"
(2 sided optional)

wed28_personalized_wedding.gif (4944 bytes)
"Wedding 28"
wed29_imprinted_wedding.gif (4756 bytes)
"Wedding 29"
wed30_imprint_glassware.gif (4169 bytes)
"Wedding 30"
wed31_customized_wedding.jpg (8887 bytes)
"Wedding 31"
wed32_wedding_shotglass.gif (6970 bytes)
"Wedding 32"
wed33_wedding_shotglasses.gif (4871 bytes)
"Wedding 33"
wed34_wedding_favors.gif (5645 bytes)
"Wedding 34"
wed35_bridal_gifts.gif (2760 bytes)
"Wedding 35"
wed36_personalized_wedding.gif (5495 bytes)
"Wedding 36"
wed37_imprinted_wedding.gif (2383 bytes)
"Wedding 37"
wed38_cheap_wedding2.gif (3384 bytes)
"Wedding 38"
wed39_discount_wedding.gif (4131 bytes)
"Wedding 39"
wed40_personalized_engagement.gif (5016 bytes)
"Wedding 40"
w41_bride_groom.jpg (14437 bytes)
"Wedding 41"
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