When requesting a shipping quote, always include your city and zip code.

Most orders are shipped via UPS ground service (the least expensive). To get each customer the best rate, shipping charges are calculated per order based on exact weight and zip code. Larger orders are most economically sent via truck.

Trucks should go only to business or commercial locations as they charge (quite a bit) extra for residential drop-offs.

Aside from being less expensive for larger orders, trucks also are less likely to incur breakage, because the items are secured onto a pallet rather than individual boxes bouncing around. It is therefore adviseable to order additional glasses than what you need on orders shipping by UPS, as we cannot replace small quantities of custom imprinted items. Note, that you do NOT pay for broken items.

Although our items are packed according to UPS/FEDEX specifications, items shipped via AIR freight (fedex, 3-day air, etc.) are much more likely to incur breakage. There are some items we cannot ship by air freight, as they have little hope of making it in one piece.


We do not "mark up" shipping costs.
Ordering glassware is usually an industrial sized shipment of multiple boxes.
We INSIST on giving customers insurance and using double boxed master cartons, which are required by UPS if they are to insure the order. These special cartons cost $5 each and are not optional.
BEWARE of any company that would skim on shipping by not using these cartons and not insuring your order. If double master cartons are NOT used, you WILL have breakage (sometimes a total loss)... and you WILL NOT be reimbursed by the company. We've received calls from people who've had this happen. It does happen, just not to our customers.

We've been shipping glassware for over 20 years. Please trust that we will do it in the way that protects our customers and our reputation.