If We're Off... Do you want us to go Over, or Under?

Sometimes we damage items during production or packing. Glasses might break in our ovens - or when we remove them from the machines and pack them... That sort of thing.

In order to avoid coming up short on an order, which can be disastrous for some customers, we may go over by up to 10%, or 5% for orders over 288 pcs. This is an allowable industry standard.

If you do not want this, you must request "No Overrun" on your order. If you do not specify a preference, the default is that overrun would be okay... This is the accepted industry standart for custom imprinted products.

Please be aware that, while you are never charged for items broken during shipping, we cannot replace items in smaller quanitities. It is therefore a good idea to allow more to ship than what you will be needing.