Lead time

In general, we can get an order out in 10 business days (So that's 2 weeks). Rush orders are available


Depending on where you live, UPS might take 1-5 business days to get the shipment to you (So that's up to one week more).


Remember, production time begins after you have been sent a graphic proof and approved it... not the moment you send an order in. Be sure and allow time for us to get proof approval from you, and also shipping time.


When you have an order that is pushing the deadline, DO NOT send in the question form asking if we can get it done in time.... this just wastes one more valuable day. And the answer is usually... "just send the order (and artwork if you are sending your own artwork) so we can schedule it". We can't schedule an order until you send it. If an order is less than 10 business days production time there may be additional charges. 


So if you need the order quickly, don't send an inquiry... Fill out our order form and send the order in... then call us right away.


On certain items we can do a "2 or 3 day rush". Extra charges apply and it's not available on all items. In these cases you're best bet is to call us right away.