When you choose to buy wine glasses there are lots of things to be considered besides the price. Like no other drink, the wine’s flavor, quality and appearance has a lot to do with the type of glass that is drank from. Here are some of the basics that can help you make a wise choice.

If you love to drink wine on a regular basis and your taste is widely diversified you can purchase all-purpose wine glasses. These glasses have a standard size, tulip shaped and able to hold between 8 up to 12 ounces. These types of glasses are aimed to those people that don’t want to spend a lot of money on their glassware. However, if your taste in wine is narrowed to a particular type of wine that you enjoy drinking on a regular basis and you have the extra budget and you wish to invest for bettering your tasting experiences, you have a better option than all-purpose wine glasses. The major difference between wine glasses has a lot to do with the type of wine they are made for : red or white. The temperature of the wine as well the bouquet of the wine are directly influencing the choice of glassware.

The white wines are best served chilled. For that reason, the white wine glasses have a narrow mouth, preventing the warm air to influence the taste of your wine. These glasses are also smaller than the red wine glasses, which also prevents the warmth from the hands to change the wine’s temperature. Chardonnay glasses are the most representative white wine glasses. It has a longer bowl which allows the flavor to remain inside the glass. The wines that are usually served with this type of glass are: Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc, White Burgundies, White Bordeaux, Viognier and White Pinots.
Riesling and Sangiovese glasses are slightly different featuring a narrower rim and a smaller bowl. The wines served in these glasses are usually desert wines, consumed in lower quantities, hence the smaller bowl. These type of glasses favor the sweet wines like: Chianti, Bardolino, Nebbiolo,Dolcetto, Zinfandel and Montepulciano.

Red wines on the other hand, demand a different type of glass. This has a wider mouth and a larger bowl. The most notable red wine glasses are the Burgundy and Bordeaux. The Bordeaux is your most iconic red wine glass. The wider bowl allows the flavor to develop while the wine breathes and keeps the aroma inside the glass. The Burgundy glass has even a wider mouth and a larger bowl compared to a Bordeaux. This type of glass allows the drinker to really taste the sweetness of the wine. Pinot Noir is the most iconic red wine that is best served using this type of glass. Red wines have the best taste when they are served at room temperature.

When purchasing wine glasses the best thing you can look for is the clarity of the glass. It’s absolutely necessary to be looking for clean and crystal clear glasses to be able to really enjoy your wines. Another thing that you should be looking for is the thickness of the glass. The glass has to be thin to avoid any obstruction between your delicious wine and you. Stems are also very important. Their sole purpose is to prevent the warm temperature of the hands from modifying the temperature of the wine, spoiling the taste. The last thing you should look for in a wine glass is the tapered rim. This keep the flavors inside of the glass and it also prevents you from spilling the wine when you mix the flavors.