Most people would not consider choosing wine glasses an art. However, choosing the right wine glass for an evening party could prove that you have the right eye. Wine glasses have been used since the ancient times. Even then, one had to choose the right glass to suit the wine as well as the occasion. The art of choosing wine glasses, commonly referred to as stemware is quite easy and requires very little knowledge.

There is no actual guide to choosing wine glasses. The technique relies on one’s common sense as well as their individual taste for the most part. Of course, there are certain simple things that one will have to consider. These include how the light plays on the wine, the capture of wine aroma within the wine glass, as well as the “legs” and “tear” movement that is noticed while one swirls the wine.

The next thing that one will have to look at is the overall size of the wine glass and it effectiveness for the occasion. For instance, one would normally use a larger wine glass during dinner and a smaller glass to hold sherry after the meal.

Size also tends to dictate which glass should be used for which wine. For example, those with larger broader bowls are traditionally meant for red wine. Delicate white wines deserve the narrower variety of wine glasses as this helps concentrate their aromas.

Champagne glasses, often defined by their slender tulip shape are great for sparkling wine. The height of the champagne glass also serves the purpose of enhancing the visual display of the bubbling effect common with sparkling wine. Moreover, the height also prolongs the chill of the wine.

If one is still confused as to which wine glass to use for which occasion, then perhaps it’s best to go with the all-purpose sets. Certain manufacturers have realized that not all consumers are willing to take the time to search for a specific wine glass for a particular wine. Thus, they designed the all-purpose wine glasses to suit most if not all occasions. Wine glasses of this variety are in most cases inexpensive and quite attractive.