Congratulations! Your fiance " popped the question", and now you've begun the happy, but often grueling, task of planning your wedding. You want it to be a day that your guests will never forget; a day when you can share your happiness with them as you start your new life together. One of the most difficult parts of wedding planning can be trying make your day as perfect as possible without having to spend your entire life savings to do it. A good way to help keep yourself on track and under budget is to pick a theme for the day, and use that as your planning guide. This is where custom glassware can play a big part in helping you make your wedding a truly wonderful event.

Custom glassware is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can blend seamlessly in to your wedding theme. Your wedding can be an elegant event, complete with custom champagne flutes that you have printed with your names and the date of your wedding. If a casual event is more your style, then custom printed "rocks" style glasses may be just what you are looking for. You can even order them with a gold or platinum rim to give them an extra special look.

If you really want to go "all out' you can plan a wedding with a theme that is very specific, and custom glassware can add the final finishing touch. If you're a fan of James Bond, then a wedding theme that's centered 007 can be a a lot of fun. Custom printed martini glasses would be perfect this type of wedding. A "south of the border' themed wedding would be made complete by using custom margarita glasses. Another idea would be to use a "renaissance" theme, and for this, ceramic steins that have your names and wedding date printed on them would be just perfect. You could even create a "crest" for the bride and groom and have it printed on the side of the steins. These would make an excellent gift for the groomsmen and would be an alternative to the traditional bride and groom wine glasses that would really fit into your renaissance wedding theme.

Part of every wedding reception is the little wedding favors that are given to the guests as a way to say "thank you". While people really appreciate the thought, all too often the favors are something that will just be left somewhere and forgotten, or, even worse, simply thrown away. Custom printed glass ware is a perfect alternative. Your guests can use it during the reception and then, at the end of the evening, they'll be able to take it home with them. Another way you could use them would be to fill them with candy, wrap them in clear cellophane and tie them with a pretty bow in your wedding colors. These glasses will be something your guests can actually use, and every time they do, they'll be reminded of how much they enjoyed your special day.

A really great feature of these glasses or steins is that they really are relatively inexpensive. With prices starting at around a dollar each, they can easily fit into your wedding budget. They also save you time and effort, which, if you've ever planned a wedding, you'll know can make a huge difference in how much your enjoy this special time in your life.

Custom glassware is an ideal addition to any wedding plan. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes, they can easily fit into, and enhance, any wedding theme. Imprinted with your names and wedding date, they make a perfect memento for your guests to remind them of the wonderful day that you shared.