Summer is on it’s way again ( we hope!) and with the warm summer days comes the good times to be had at summer camp. Whether they run only during the daytime or a sleep over style type of camp, they give kids a chance to spend their summer days meeting new people, making friends , learning and trying new things and just having fun. If you are in charge of planning and managing a summer camp, then you’ll know how important it is that everything be well organized and also sanitary. With so many kids in close quarters, it’s very easy for germs to get passed from one child to another, and being sick is no way to spend your summer!

One way to help combat germs and keep them from spreading is to use disposable drinking glasses or make sure that each child has her or her own personal drinking utensil. Styrofoam or paper cups that you have custom printed with the name of the camp and it’s logo are a good choice, but an even better one to issue each child their own personal custom printed stainless steel thermal mug.

While a stainless steel thermal mug may seem like an odd choice for a summer camp, they really make a lot of sense. They keep cold drinks like cold water, juice, milk or soft drinks cold, and when it’s time to enjoy a delicious mug of hot chocolate by the camp fire, they will keep their drink at just the right temperature. A good way to use them is to issue each camper two mugs, which have been custom printed with your camps name and logo. You can them write the camper’s name on them in permanent marker, and they will know for sure that it is theirs. Since these mugs come with a lid, they also keep their drinks from spilling or splashing, and the thumb slide opening makes them easy to drink from. The mugs are easy to keep clean, which is extremely important when you are trying to keep a bunch of kids as sanitary as possible. If the camp is a day camp, the kids can take them home and wash them up there.

When camp is over, the kids can take their custom printed mugs home with them, and they will enjoy using them throughout the rest of the year. With your camp name and logo custom printed on them, these mugs will work for you throughout the year by providing a passive form of advertising. Kids take them to their sporting events or other activities, which gets your name out there in the public eye.

Summer camp can be a wonderful way for a child to spend their summer. One way to make sure that it lives up to it’s promise is to make sure that the drinking utensils each child uses are clean and sanitary. Disposable paper are Styrofoam cups are one way to do this but a better (and more environmentally friendly) way to keep things clean is to have each child use their own custom printed stainless steel travel mug. It’s an easy way to make sure the kids remember their summer for all the good times they had at camp and not for how camp made them sick.