There is something about working in the garden that brings great joy to your heart and soul. Spending time outdoors in the warm sunshine, surrounded by the sounds of the birds and bees and the smell of the damp earth is surely one of the nicest ways to pass the time. If you've been blessed with a " green thumb" ( or even if you haven't) you can even grow your own herbs and flowers and use them fresh from your garden or dry them and use them in the winter. You'll bring a taste of summer days gone by to your food. If you enjoy working in your garden, and if you have enough room for it, you may even be able to grow, harvest and dry your herbs and flowers and sell at a local farmer's market, community market or online. It's a great way to earn some extra money while doing something you love. To make a product that people will be really happy to buy, you can pack the dried herbs into glass apothecary jars that have the name of the herb printed on the side. It makes a great way to add some extra value to your product.

Glass apothecary jars are perfect for storing dried herbs, as they are air tight and provide plenty of room to hold the herbs without crushing them. This way, your customers will be able to either use the leaves whole or crush them using a mortar and pestle. When stored in this way, the herbs will retain their delicious fresh flavor for many months. Depending on what herbs and flowers you have grown, you can make delicious herbal tea blends, which when stored in the air tight glass jar, will retain it's flavor for a really long time. Your customers will be able to brew a cup of tea and enjoy the wonderful flavor that brings back memories of summer's past.

Another way glass apothecary jars can be used is to hold your own home made pot pouri. Fresh lavender blossoms, rose petals, lemon thyme, sweet woodruff leaves, etc. can be dried, blended and then used to fill the jars. All your customer will have to do is lift the lid and the wonderful smell of summer will soon fill the room. The clear glass of the jar will make it easy to see the beauty of the petals and leaves within, making it an item your customers will be proud to display. If you choose, you can even have the name of the pot pouri blend printed in fancy script on the side of the jar.

If you're the creative sort and enjoy making your own home made candles, then this is another way to utilize your dried hers and flowers. You can fill an apothecary jar with a blend of the melted candle wax and dried leaves, petals or even whole flowers, and one it's hardened, you'll have a candle that not only smells wonderful but looks great too. Since the jar has a separate lid, your customers can either choose to keep the jar closed and preserve the scent, or take the lid off and let the gentle smell drift through the room.

Glass jars come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the one that best suits your needs. They are relatively inexpensive, and are an easy way to add extra value to your product. A really great way to use them is to sell the herbs in a jar for the first order, but also have the herbs available as a loose product so that your customers can refill the jar once they've used all it's contents. Having the name of the herb printed on the side in fancy script will not only make it easy to know what herb is inside, but it will also add beauty to the jar itself.

If you like to spend time in the garden, why not use your hobby to earn some extra income by selling dried herbs, flowers, herbal tea or your own home made pot pouri or candles? It's a great way to share the fruits of your labor and bring a little bit of beauty to the world.