Mother Nature is a very generous lady and has kindly given us many sweet and delicious gifts. Two of the nicest ones are honey and maple syrup. These wonderful treats are all natural sweeteners and are perfect on their own or in any dish that calls for something sweet. If you are an apiarist or produce maple syrup, you’ll want to package your product in a jar that is both economical and also matches the beauty of what’s inside. Custom printed glass jars are an ideal choice. They are airtight and the transparent glass shows off the natural beauty of the honey or syrup. With your apiary of sugar bush’s name printed on the side, you’ll have a product that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

If you sell you products at a local farmers market or organic produce store, these jars are much more suitable than containers made from plastic. They can be recycled, reused or repurposed. This will be especially appealing to those who care about the environment.

If you sell your syrup or honey to the public at your sugar bush or apiary, custom printed glass jars are ideal and also economical.  They provide an extra value to your product that customers won’t get with a plastic container. You can offer a discount to those who return to have their jars refilled when they run out, which makes for repeat business and saves your customers a bit of money as well.

If you own a working sugar bush, a fun idea that will encourage the public’s interest in your business and product is to hold an open house in the spring when you are collecting the sap and “sugaring off”. The process of maple syrup production is very interesting, and people will enjoy seeing how the trees are tapped and the sap collected and boiled down to make maple syrup, maple sugar or maple butter. If there is still snow on the ground, the kids will love being able to make fresh “maple taffy” by pouring the freshly made hot syrup on the snow. It’s   treat they will never forget. When the tour is over, offer your guests a meal of pancakes and freshly made syrup. It will taste so wonderful that you may find your entire sock of syrup gets sold right away.

 Apiarists can also give tours of their business. The process of how honey is removed from the comb is fascinating, and not one many people now of.  Giving a tour of your facility is a great way to help people learn where their food comes from, which is something fewer and fewer people are aware of.  If you produce different types of honey, such as clover, orange blossom or buckwheat honey or flavored honey such as lavender, then custom printed glass jars make the perfect choice for holding your product. People will love the added extra touch of a beautiful jar!

 Honey and maple syrup are two of Mother Nature’s sweetest gifts. Something so wonderful deserves to have a container that is just as beautiful. A custom printed glass jar makes the ideal choice.