Have you ever considered the fact that the physical shape of your glass can lead to a larger consumption of drinks, and not just any kind of beverages, but alcoholic ones?

It seems the amount of alcohol consumed is a topic of great interest amongst research specialists, who, in the attempt to raise awareness and help minimize the number of people who can’t walk straight anymore after some drinks, began conducting studies on the factors that lead to a larger consumption of alcoholic beverages amongst drinking enthusiasts. One such factor, regardless of how insignificant may seem, turned out to have quite a lot to do with how people perceive their drinking. It’s all about glass shape, with emphasis put on the difference between straight sided glasses and glasses with curved contours.

So, to clear out any possible confusion, it had been stated that people serving alcoholic beverages from a curvy glass are more likely to consume larger quantities of alcohol (and faster!) than those drinking from a straight sided glass. Glass shape seemed to be the culprit in misjudging the amount of alcohol consumed. Who would’ve thought?

Curiously enough, this fact was only recorded in the case of alcoholic drinks, as people serving other kinds of beverages drank at equal speeds no matter the shape of their glasses.

What was the actual difference of drinking speed between people serving alcoholic beverages from straight sided glasses and those drinking from glasses with curved sides? This particular study showed that straight sided glasses made people sip their beverages at least twice as slowly. The individuals drinking from glasses with curved sides had the hardest time realizing when their glass was half empty, and so they were the same ones who also consumed their alcoholic drinks more quickly. 

So it seems that straight glasses prompt drinkers to take more time finishing their beverages, taking more sips and longer pauses between sips. This study is not yet conclusive whether all bar owners should start stocking on straight side glasses, yet it does provide significant evidence. Another fact showed by this research is that people DO have difficulties in estimating how much alcohol they actually drink, and this is a very serious matter with consequences often shown during the six o’clock news.

So next time you decide to serve some alcoholic drinks, you may want to consider asking the bartender to pour your drink in a straight sided glass. Just to be safe.