One of the most important necessities when organizing an event is glassware. Whether you opt for a single type of glassware or more, this important component should not be missing. Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses, Rocks Glasses, and even Candle Votives, there are so many specific purposes glasses can meet. Many event holders, party planners, and people such as you, depend on vendors or caterers for renting glasses for their special occasions. Although renting glasses is, in certain situations, quite convenient, the advantages of buying your own glassware are too hard to ignore.

One of the most important reasons for owning event glasses is price. If you hold a lot of events throughout the year, or even just 2 or 3, you are pretty aware of how much it costs to have fine glassware. The cost inevitably adds up, and not only do vendors and caterers overcharge for glassware and charge deposit fees for those broken by guests, you will most likely end up paying more than you had anticipated. Having your own glassware for your events is definitely a cheaper alternative for the long run.

But this is not the only reason. Have you noticed what kind of glassware vendors usually provide? Some do offer high-quality glassware, but their prices are way above average glasses. Besides that, you are most always left with scratched, faded, worn out, and slightly yellowish glasses that will affect your event in a big way. Since you put a lot of effort into your events, the last thing you want is your guests drinking from chipped, old, or scratched glassware.

Buy your own set of event glassware and never worry about  a silly thing like quality. Why? offers only high-quality glassware at very low prices. The discounts make all this possible, and with our elegant, ultra-chic designs, you are saving a lot of money for a stunning display. Simple math yields that buying 100 elegant champagne flutes from our store, is cheaper than renting 100 used glasses for 3 events held per year.  

Next time you are planning a party, event, wedding, or other special occasion, one of the first thing to look up is glassware. Your event will look spectacular and your guests will have no idea how cheap you got your glasses!