High School and college are one of the most eventful stages in any person’s life. These are the areas where one finds their purpose in life, the girl they might marry as well as their chosen profession. Thus, it goes without saying that these days deserve to be remembered or commemorated is some way. During High School or college alumni reunions, party favors represent these memories adequately.

Personalized Party Favors

Party favors include glassware such as mugs and glasses. These glassware party favors are often kept as keepsakes by numerous people throughout their lives. Party favors are made more special when they are personalized. Personalized glassware is certainly attractive and can be used for any school event. For high school alumni, it would be awkward to award wine glasses as party favors. They are more likely to place more value on custom made vases or better yet family style glass. However for college alumni, one may choose stylized wine glasses for the occasion.

The engraving or design that one may choose for the glass may vary. One may choose to engrave the graduate’s year of graduation. Moreover, for a more authentic feel, one may choose to engrave the graduate’s name onto the glass. In this way, the glass will hold more value to the owner.

When it comes to mug selection, some of the best creations are plain coffee mugs that are have the name of the school carved into them. These party favors are often kept for years by the owner as they signify the pride they have for their institution.

While glassware, in general, is one of the best methods to promote an institution such as a school or college, custom made glassware such as stylized glass or mugs give a better impression to the owners.