Communicable diseases have plagued humanity since time immemorial, and despite all our scientific advances, they are still the cause of a lot of human suffering. Much scientific research has gone into trying to unlock the secrets of how disease is spread. One thing that has been proven time and time again is that good sanitation can make a huge difference in the levels of infectious disease. A big part of this is breaking the chain of transmission through the use of clean utensils for eating and drinking. If you have only a small number of dishes to clean, the reusable dishes that can be cleaned, either by hand or in the dishwasher are fine, but if you are trying to cope with larger numbers, then disposable dishes and utensils can make a lot more sense.

If you own a business , run an organization or school and want to provide clean, sanitary drinking utensils to your customers staff or students , then single use, disposable drinking glasses made of paper or Styrofoam just make sense. Cups made from paper can be used for cold drinks such as water, juice or pop, while cups made from Styrofoam are perfectly suited for hot beverages. Since these glasses are single use, they can be disposed of when they are no longer needed thus eliminating a potential source of disease transmission. Communicable disease can result in many lost working days per year and lower productivity, so helping to break the chain of disease transmission can really make a difference. Less illness means happier, healthier and more productive staff or students.

An added bonus of using disposable paper or Styrofoam cups is that they can be custom printed with your business or organization’s name and logo, thus making them a promotional item. Even though they are disposable, they do get your name out there and show your customers, clients, staff or students that you care about their health. Though it may be a small thing, this care and concern can go a long way towards creating repeat customers or fostering pride in your school or organization. Having your logo custom printed on the cups will also ensure that your customers will be more likely to remember your business name long after they have left.

With prices starting as low as just 19 cents each, custom printed Styrofoam or paper cups are surprisingly inexpensive and don’t cost all that much more than plain cups of an equal size. The small difference in price can easily be made up for when you consider that custom printed cups serve as a form of passive advertising and help get your name out in the public eye.

Helping to prevent the spread of disease can be as easy as providing your staff, customers or students with clean, disposable drinking utensils. You’ll be able to combine good hygiene practices, good customer service and good advertising all into one rather innocuous item…a simple custom printed paper or Styrofoam cup.