If you think about it, there aren't too many places where they serve beer in quality ceramic beer mugs. It’s a shame that a large number of bar owners overlook the positive impact these mugs make on their customers. Sure, ceramic beer mugs are not suitable for every bar theme, but it’s not a bad idea to give your customers the option to server their favorite beer in such mugs, regardless of your bar theme.

Ceramic beer mugs aren’t necessary built to last, although they tend to be heavier and more solid than the ones made of glass. They impose themselves as a more quality product and for good reasons. These mugs have a personality of their own and when you drink from such a product, its feel like your beer is of a higher quality. You can say that ceramic beer mugs adds flavor to your beer, although most of it comes from our brains perceiving these mugs as flavorful. The main reason why these mugs tend to last longer than regular mugs is because both bartenders and drinkers are extra cautious when handling them. They are aware of the price difference between the two types of mugs, and as a respect towards a more beautiful product, they handle it with more care.

The ceramic material is a better insolator, therefore it helps keeping your beer cold for a longer period. Even if the visual impact of a clear beer mug has its own magic to it, by increasing the perception of thirst for the drinker, the customers tend to prefer these mugs only when they don’t have access to the ceramic alternative. The custom ceramic beer mug is a symbol of masculinity and class. Rarely you see a ceramic mug without some sort of imprint, since the imprint gives the object an elegant appearance and an antique feel, which contributes to its overall perception of a sturdy quality product.

If you are looking for a great gift, a personalized beer mug made of ceramic can work very well if the recepient is a knowledgeable beer drinker. You often find these types of beer mugs advertised in gift shops, although their quality is nowhere near what we manufacture here at Customglassware.com. We can even put gold and platinum rings on your mugs, which adds another layer of sophistication to the final product. No matter the reason why you want to buy custom ceramic beer steins, you are almost guaranteed to be successful. Whether it’s for your home, changing the glassware in your bar, or simply offering them as giveaways, custom-made ceramic beer mugs will never fail to impress the drinkers.