Let's talk a little about choosing your imprint or logo.  Our company has a fantastic graphics team that has selected some of our best graphics as free default images. Choosing the most suitable imprint for particular glassware is not always easy. Sometimes the reason behind a choice can’t be explained in a few words because it relates strictly to how a customer has envisioned that specific concept, and art has its own mysterious ways through which it creates the desired response in customers. The success of a design can’t be quantified in a short term period. You always need some time before you can test the users' reaction to certain visual stimulus.

Trusting the artistic intuition of a designer is crucial in any process that involves translating a concept into a visual symbol that relates to your customers. We always advise our customers make sure that they consult with their art team to make sure that everyone is satisfied. The success of a promotional product such as glassware depends also on the color and the imprints on that product, and if you haven’t registered the success that you hopped for with your products, the best thing you can do is analyze the choice you made in terms of glass type and design and see how well they relate to each other as well as to your business.

Did you know that certain colors can trigger various subtle impulses in our brain? For instance, yellow and orange is known for triggering the part of our brain that deals with food and appetite, blue makes us calm, and red increases our awareness. These are just a few examples of how powerful colors are. The process of choosing the right design involves knowing what you want it to convey. Nouns and adjectives can be easily associated to certain colors, patterns and designs, and your final product can trigger that unconscious response in your customers.

We aren’t talking about subconscious manipulation here, we are merely using visual tools to convey what ore businesses are all about. It’s worth knowing how to use colors, patterns and designs to your advantage, even if it’s for simple products such as plastic cups and champagne flutes. Be sure to meet up with your graphics team before making a large purchase, or pay for the services of one. Either way, choosing the right type of colors and imprint for your glassware should be as important as choosing the type of glassware.