What better way to celebrate a guy-only event than serving your guests with high quality liquor in special made, shot gun shell shooters? Men are inspired by themed glasses that represent the masculine spirit.  Imagine the setting for your party and picture everyone having fun and enjoying the drinks. Now, wouldn’t be quite amazing to make them feel even better by adding more excitement to the drinking experience with some custom shot gun shell shooters? You bet.

The great thing about this type of shot glass, despite their “men-only” personality, is that girls love them too! It makes them feel like one of the guys and what girl can refuse drinking a shot from a cool shot gun shell shooter? Convincing the girls to drink and have more fun it’s a lot easier when you are “armed” with these glasses. Just load them with your favorite drink and you will have them emptied in no time.

CustomGlassware.com offers a wide range of shot glasses that can be customized for every particular theme.  The offer includes many color options such as clear, frosted, citrus, blue, etc with 9 unique LED color variations to get your party to a complete new level. I mean, when was the last time you went to a party and people drank their tasty drink from flashing glassware? With the help of a simple push button placed at the base of the glass, you can control the light actions very easily. Pushing the button once will enable the LED to flash, while pushing the button twice will enable the constant glow mode. The LED color options can be single colored or tri-colored (red, blue and yellow).

Besides impressing guys and girls at private parties, custom-made shot gun shell shooters are also perfect for clubs with an extended masculine theme. Cowboy/Gunner bars and clubs will benefit immensely from using these glasses. The more items that can add to the experience of being a cowboy/shooter, the more fun your customers will have. Every accessory contributes to success of your business, and you will be surprised to notice that when you change your regular glassware to a more exciting product, the beverage consumption will increase, and so will your revenue.

These shots are really cheap, even cheaper than most glassware, provided that you will them buy directly from the manufacturer. CustomGlassware.com makes high quality glassware for very low prices, and we constantly diversify our portfolio to reach more customer needs.