So many people today live their whole life in a city, surrounded by concrete and asphalt and cut off from contact with any “green” living thing. This is too bad, as there is a part of us that really calls out for this contact. If you live in a city far from green spaces, then you can still find a connection with the living world by growing houseplants in your house, condo or apartment. There is something about growing plants indoors that makes your house feel more like a home. They help keep the air clean by filtering out impurities and they beautify your home and give it an air of relaxed elegance. You don’t have to have a “green thumb” to be successful at looking after houseplants, as there are types that are suitable for just about everyone. Whether it’s a simple spider plant, a leafy schefflera or an exotic orchid, there is sure to be a plant that is just right for you.

If you are interested in growing houseplants, it’s important to have the right tools. You’ll need a watering can, a misting bottle for spraying the leaves, fertilizer and potting supplies. Small glass jars can come in very handy, as they are perfect for holding fertilizer crystals, home made soapy water or nicotine bug spray and the small stones that provide drainage in the bottom of larger pots. These glass jars can be custom printed so you’ll know, at a glance, what’s inside. The printing can be done in a fancy style script, which makes these jars both attractive and very practical.

Another way you can use custom printed glass jars is to use them as actual planting containers. They are perfect for plants like spider plants, bamboo, or avocado seeds that you can grow in water. Custom printed with the type of plant in plain or fancy script and filled with water in which you have placed a few drops of blue food coloring, these jars give you a very attractive display that is perfect for a table centerpiece or sunny windowsill.

Custom glass jars are also ideal for use as small terrariums. Small terrariums are very easy to make, and you can include small tropical plants such as ferns, mosses, jade plants or African violets. If you want something really different, why not create a terrarium that contains moss and a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap? These pants are now produced through tissue culture and are widely available. Once your terrarium is set up, all you need to do is set it somewhere where it will get the proper amount of light for the plants you have chosen and make sure that you check to that the soil isn’t too dry or moist, and, if you’ve chosen a venus fly trap, put in a few tiny bugs every so often. These small terrariums are perfect for children, as they are easy to look after and help them learn about plants and how they grow. The jars can be custom printed with the names of plants that are inside, and you’ll have your very own “garden in a jar”.

Whether you live in the country or the middle of a large city, there is something about contact with green living things that is simply good for the soul. Having plants in your home is a perfect way to get that contact, and glass jars are the ideal indoor gardening companion.