Choosing the right type of bulk glassware for your restaurant will have a great impact on making and keeping future customers. It’s very important to choose the glassware that meets your customer needs. A very significant example is the size of the item, which can make the difference between a great service and a bad one.  But as a general rule, it’s best to serve the non-alcoholic beverage in large sized glassware, such as 16 ounces, and they can be even bigger.

Using larger glasses can reduce workload because they refilled fewer times than the smaller ones. This also benefits your customers because they won’t run out of their favorite drinks quickly. A lot of customers will actually reduce the tip if the glassware didn’t match their needs. If this happens for a significant amount of times, your restaurant can get the reputation of having a bad/incomplete service, which will inevitably lead to losing customers. Busy restaurants can suffer a lot from using smaller glassware for non-alcoholic beverages, mainly because the staff is forced to run back and forth to refill the drinks, which causes delay in serving food and doing other things.

A great way to make your customers like your glassware more is to have it custom made, and unique to your restaurant. This applies brilliantly to cocktails. For instance, consider serving margarita in an unusual custom cocktail glass. Think about the impact it will have on your customers. A nice “trick” is to have taller glasses that can contain lower quantities. It will increase the visual effect of your drink and will give your customers the feeling that they are paying less for more drink.

Consider using special mugs for your coffee and tea. It’s refreshing for your customers to have their coffee and tea served in something different than the traditional white cups and clear mugs that most restaurants use. Using designs that are more unique makes the drink more enjoyable and your customers will find your place a bit more fun.

The life of your bulk glassware can be extended through the use of pitchers for drink refilling, instead of changing the glass each time the customer orders the same drink. Every time a glass is washed, it becomes subject to wear and tear, not to mention the labor and economical advantages: less energy, water, and cleaning products. It’s definitely a good idea to have every one of customers use a single glass for a specific drink during their entire meal.

Another small, but significant thing to consider is the straws. There’s no need to replace the straw when you replace the drink. Most people will actually prefer using the same straw on all their drinks. This decreases the environmental impact, reduces trash, and saves you money. If you take these tips into consideration and invest a bit more into buying quality bulk glassware, you won’t have to replace your glasses anytime soon.