Let’s face it: jars are pretty boring.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely functional.  Jars are commonly used to hold food, drinks, seasonings, cosmetics, medication, chemicals and more. Glass jars are made with hard, thick glass, and are quite heavy, to prevent the contents from spilling out or the jar breaking and losing the contents. As well as durable glass, the jars are often fitted with tamper resistant seals and, for some contents, child-resistant lids. These typically require the user to push and twist, and is difficult to do if you are young and cannot read the directions.  Some of these jars are often considered “Child proof”, but often make grown-ups look just as silly.  Kind of like battery packages...Why do they make those so impossible to open?!

Another form of closure include cork stoppers, which are not too common. Beakers, a scientific form, typically have a narrower opening than traditional jars, and may or may not have a closure method.

Jars have been around for thousands of years, and they truly have stood the test of time. When glass was not as readily available or easy to make as now, they were created with stone, ceramic, or other materials. Glass is preferred as you can see the contents without having to label the jar, and they also are not as expensive. Ceramic and stone jars are typically made for decoration now, or as collectors’ items.

However, just because you can see inside of a glass jar does not always mean you know the exact contents inside.  If you have clear, glass jars filled with sugar, salt, flour, baking soda, or bleach, they may be hard to differentiate.  If you have your bleach jar next to all of these cooking ingredients, please step away from the computer and put that some other place.  And do not do the taste test to find out which is which...

Jars are rather large glass items, and industries are, in some cases, paying for recycling for unused and cleaned jars.  Take some time to look through our glass jars and see if there’s anything you like or could use for your business.