Are you throwing a party and looking for a decorating idea that’s fun, inexpensive and sure to impress your guests? You could decorate with candles or flowers, but that’s already been done so often and it would be nice to come up with something new. If this sounds like you, the not to worry, as there is a decorating idea that is innovative, fun and can work for just about any party theme you can come up with. It’s an idea that is so simple to do that you’ll be surprised you haven’t thought of it before. Want to know what it is? Read on to find out more!

This new and fun party decorating idea is to make “fairy lanterns” (or which ever name you want to call them) by placing tiny LED lights in custom glass jars. The lights shine through the jars and create a soft glow that is just perfect for any occasion. You can choose colored lights for a vibe that’s fun and exciting, or clear white lights for a more elegant look that is perfect for a more formal affair.

A custom printed glass jar is just perfect for this use. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes so you are sure to find one that fits perfectly into your party theme. Large ones are perfect for table decorations and centerpieces, while smaller ones can be tucked into little nooks and corners where their soft glow will give a really beautiful look. A really nice look for a wedding reception is to wrap the jars in loose swaths of tulle and use this to decorate your cake table or guest book table.

Custom printed glass jars are ideal to use for your “fairy lanterns” as you can have any design you like oriented on them, and the effect of the light shining through the jar will highlight the design and look simply beautiful. If the jars are to be used for a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, you can have the names of the bride and groom or person with the birthday printed on the side, which looks really pretty. These jars make excellent and inexpensive “party favors” for people to take home with them, where they are sure to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

One really nice feature of using these lanterns to decorate is that they are very safe and don’t carry the risks that using candles or even strings of lights can carry. There’s no risk of fire, and nothing to plug in. This also makes them ideal for use for an outdoor party, as they run on batteries so you won’t need to worry about plugging them in. If you are using them for an outdoor party and you have a pool or pond, you can secure the jars on small decorated wooden planks and float them in the water. The lights will sparkle off the water and look simply beautiful.

The next time you’re planning a party and trying to come up with a new decorating idea, why not consider ordering some custom printed glass jars and make some “fairy lanterns’ of your very own? They are inexpensive, easy to make, look gorgeous and you can use them just about anywhere.