Stainless steel travel mugs have been around for some time, and even though its usage is limited to traveling settings, understanding the benefits of this product can make the difference between a pleasant travel experience and an unpleasant one. To be more specific, stainless steel travel mugs have many other attributes in comparison to regular glassware which can really benefit travelers in an obvious way. Toughness and heat-preserving build are just a few of those qualities.

Still, people don’t know too much about the product and often have certain misconceptions when it comes to uncommon products. Here are the things you may not have known about stainless steel travel glassware.

1. They are Really Affordable
This product costs as much as a good, quality glass-made glassware. Don’t let the sophisticated name trick you into thinking you will need to pay a fortune to buy a stainless steel travel mug. For as low as $2.92, offers a wide range of stainless steel travel glassware. The more expensive these products are, the bigger they are, while including additional features that can be useful in certain travelling settings. Be sure to check out all of our steel travel mugs individually in order to see which one suits your needs best.

2. Steel Can Be Imprinted Too!
Steel can also be custom printed with the desired logo or message. Tell us what you want written on your stainless steel glassware and we will take care of it. Printing a product like this, with a meaningful message, will ensure its long lasting use, and not only for its utility value, but also because now the product means something to the one using it. Whether you are printing the product or not, you should keep in mind that most people prefer to use personalized items these days.

3. Some Stainless Steel Travel Mugs Have a Self-Heating Mechanism
What really sets stainless steel travel mugs apart from the regular mugs is the self-heating mechanism. They come with a heat adaptor that can be easily detached when travelling. The adaptor produces 12-volt of heat, which is enough to keep the liquid warm. The double insulation prevents the mug from getting too hot and reaching the external layer. For just a couple of dollars you get a device that will enhance your travel experience significantly, and you won’t even have to worry about breaking it.

These products have slowly turned into one of our customers’ favorites. It offers almost the same functionality of a thermos and yet, at a much lower cost. Take advantage of our tier price structure that will give you an even lower price per item.