Simple clear shot glasses can be quite a bore, but what if you can customize them into decorative items and thus acquire something else you can enjoy other than the actual drinking? You can turn ordinary shot glasses into tiny pieces of art, or you can use them to create drinking versions of your favorite childhood games. Give them as a gift, keep them in the cupboard to brag about your decoration skills or use them to entertain your guests at parties and family celebrations. 

Painted Shot Glasses

The easiest way to go wild and colorful on your shot glasses is to use paint markers which can be found in all sorts of stores, including Walmart. You can freehand any image you can think of, and if you want something more creative and complex than polka dots for example, grab some stencils too and use those to paint your favorite motifs on the glass. Make sure you let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before handing the shot glasses to your guests.
Frosted Shot Glasses

Etched glass looks really cool and you can achieve the same effect all by yourself using special chemicals sold in craft supply stores. To create a contrast between the crystal clear and the etched surface of the glasses, pick a simple image that can be contoured easily and brush on glass-etching cream on the desired areas. Let this substance work for about 10 minutes and then remove it with soapy water.

Shot glasses turned into candles

This super simple DIY project is perfect if you want to find a new use for your shot glass collection. Use these petit glasses to create pretty candles that can be turned into small gifts or ornate your living room table. Pick wax in a color that suits the personality of the person who will be receiving the gift or one that complements your home décor. You can also get uncolored wax that can be colored and scented according to your own preferences. Once you have the desired kind of wax, place a wick in the empty glass and then carefully pour melted wax to turn your shot glass into a cute candle.

Tic-Tac-Toe Shot Glass Drinking Game

What can be more simple yet fun than a drinking version of tic-tac-toe game? This is played like a regular tic-tac-toe game, only with shot glasses bearing the X and 0 symbols, and with a more than appealing punishment: the loser has to drink all the shot glasses on the board. To use your glasses as instruments for this fun childhood game, get a square plaque, draw two evenly spaced horizontal lines that will intersect with another couple of evenly spaced vertical lines and decorate your glasses with X and 0 symbols. You can glue paper cut in the shape of X and 0 or use a marker to draw them on the surface of the glass. Let the game begin!