Do you want to represent your favorite sports team? Once of the easiest ways to do that is by showing off your beer mug emblazoned with the logo of your team, be it the Lakers, the Steelers, Yankees, or the Packers.
Sports Beer Mugs are relatively new in history; competitive and organized sports on the level we observe today has only been around for a few decades. TV and radio helped to spread the popularity, and now almost every family household has a favorite team they follow in a sport, and they have memorabilia to go along with those teams. These mugs, along with team jerseys, are among the easiest, and cheapest ways of showing your favorite team colors.

Most are made out of glass, with the logo and designs on it being made out of pewter. The most common mugs hold about fifteen ounces of liquid and are about five inches tall. The mugs are not very expensive, considering they are made with quite common materials and are not too fancy. Buying them online, however, will cost much less than buying them at a peak season game at a stadium, which would charge exorbitant prices for a simple mug.