It may sound cliché, but glassware is without a doubt one of the few items that can be perfectly suited for any kind of occasion. Whether you are a regular person, a businessman or you are organizing a big event, custom printed glassware can turn a simple gift into a meaningful message that can show how much you care about your guests, customers, or someone you love. With some beautiful glassware, you can say “Thank you for being our loyal customer,” “30 Years And Going Strong,” or “Happy  Birthday!” There are so many things that you can do with glassware, and you can do it in an instant.

Let’s look for a moment at the business aspect of custom printed glassware. Companies have to promote themselves to customers in order to stay in the business, and while most of them opt for the conventional path of advertising using traditional media, just a few know about the power of glassware and other promotional items. These items have an extraordinary potential to help market a company, and everything at a very cheap price. Here is how it can help promote your brand.

When a customer receives custom printed glassware from you, you know that they’ll be happy to receive something for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?  The glass can then be used on a regular basis, and will probably last for years if it’s properly taken care of. Every time the item is used, your imprint is exposed to a potential customer. Your brand is advertised directly from your customer’s home. Even when people think they haven’t noticed anything on the glass, their subconscious is always aware of the subtle queues around them, and it automatically memorizes things like imprints on glassware. You could say that this is subliminal advertising, and in a way kind of is, but is quite effective and, best of all, totally legal!

Now, your customers and their guests will remember your company name, and when they will need a product that you make, their mind will automatically offer your brand as an alternative. Again, this will probably happen on an unconscious level, and your potential customers will most likely find themselves in your stores one way or the other, if they got exposed to your brand name long enough. This is how powerful custom printed glassware is. The cost of such low level promotion is obviously very low. You can pay $6,000 for a TV ad that may not guarantee you will get that money back in sales anytime soon.  However, with simple promotional items, you can reach your customer in a more natural, and potentially more effective fashion.

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