The best friend of many mothers, commuters, and tired people, the coffee mug, is a great gift, especially when personalized, for anyone that enjoys coffee. Coffee mugs are commonly used for advertising, promotional messages, and more, due to their relatively cheap price, and common use. More elegant versions, such as teacups, are used for more serious occasions. Glazed ceramic is the most common material used in coffee mugs nowadays, due to its toughness, ability to keep heat, and other various reasons. Before our ability to mass-produce, the mugs would be made out of bone, wood, porcelain, or even stone. Mugs typically have a handle to keep the user from burning their hands on the drink by holding it by the bowl. They are now being commonly emblazoned with images and decals for advertising purposes, or fitted with cute messages such as, “World’s Thirstiest Mom”, or “# 1 Boss”. Funky and fun mugs are gaining popularity. Carvings or embossing used to be popular, but now changing the shape and distorting the mug to coincide with the image or decal represented on the side. An example is a mug stating, “I Got Smashed in Germany”, with the mug looking as though it was smashed with a hammer, but not broken. These are novelty items, and not very practical, so they are used mostly for decoration.