There have been numerous studies performed by many universities around the world which indicate the relationship between the personality of individuals and the objects they prefer. Not everyone manifests the same preference towards particular shapes. In case of coffee mugs, some people prefer the rounder shapes, some like the smaller ones, while others prefer colored mugs. Whatever your mug style might be, there’s a coffee mug out there for you. Finding it is not as difficult as it may seem.

The mug is a part of your drinking coffee ritual. Without your favorite coffee mug, the drink doesn’t taste the same. That’s the reason why people, especially at their workplaces, drink their coffee from their own mugs. The coffee mug that inspires you, can be customized in every aspect. Our company allows you to design your own coffee mug in a matter of minutes. Personalized coffee mugs found at your local shops aren’t of the same quality we produce. We use high-end printing techniques which make the difference between buying a mug that lasts 6 months and the one which lasts 6 years.

If the printing quality remains the same as years go by, there’s no need to replace your mug. This is the main reason why we made sure to properly invest in our equipment. After we picked the highest quality material for building our mugs, we then focused our resources into assembling the infrastructure to produce pristine quality imprints. We use various printing techniques although some are more viable than others when it comes to the type of material it will be used on.

So what’s the connection between a mug and one’s personality you may ask? Well, here is one example. You will notice that some people might prefer the clear mugs while others the vividly colored ones. Why? The answer is simple – their personality. Their personality plays a huge role in the choices they make. It has a direct influence not only on their mug choices, but in their clothing style, their home decoration and car choices.  Someone that purchases a plain, white mug may be a simple individual who prefers a lot of structure in their life, who thinks too many details are annoying and overwhelming. This kind of person would generally feel that the coffee is more pure and tastes better when sipped from this type of mug. They also might think that this is the way coffee should be enjoyed.

Can a simple coffee mug choice say all this about a person? You bet! Just think about why people around you prefer the object they own, try to look for indicators that tell the relationship between their choices and the way they are. Even if you don’t like to perform this kind of analysis, we think that you find this as interesting as we do. Next time you are purchasing custom coffee mugs from, think about the personality of its users, their preferences and other indicators that can make our products to work better for you.