For events on a budget, where even one cent makes a difference, wine glasses can be the most suitable option. They can be used for both types of wines, and the large bulk purchase opens the door to many discount opportunities. This type of wine glass is usually much cheaper than the other types, and often bulkier, which means you will have more of them left at the end of the party. The other types of glasses tend to be more expensive, therefore more fragile, even though they compensate with a better quality glass. This is not always the case though, a lot of manufacturers use the same quality material for all their products.

It’s important to know that there’s no such thing as the perfect wine glass. To determine how good a glass is, you will have to take into consideration the context in which that glass will be used. Some events may require red wine glasses because that’s the only type of wine it will served, others may only need white wine glasses, while events with a less specific menu will definitely favor the classic wine glassware.

The wide range of custom printing options and color schemes makes this glass suitable for many types of events. A simple imprint can transform a classic wine glass into an elegant stemware. Did you know that people tend to treat your glassware better if it has something written on it? When you have something written on an item, all of a sudden that object has a deeper meaning, a personality of its own. If you are going to order any type of glassware, make sure you at least consider printing them with a subtle icon or text message, because it does tend to create a positive impact on your guests.

Classic wine glasses can also be used to drink juice and other beverages, in case your events runs out of juice glasses. It’s quite difficult to drink juice from a champagne flute for example, but with the generous size of classic wine glasses, you can assume your guests won’t expect you to provide them with another set of stemware. There are many reasons that would favor the purchase of this type of glasses over the more particular types of glasses. Besides their limited use, more specific types of glasses tend to be used less often, which brings us to probably the most important conclusion when it comes to reviewing classic stemware: they are well worth the investment in relation to their frequent use.

Whether you need them for parties, family reunions, dinner parties, or even every day use, classic wine glasses from add a new flavor to your experience, besides your wine’s of course. If you are still uncertain about your glass choice, pondering on buying red/white glasses over classic glasses, take a couple minutes and look through all of our custom wine glasses and see which one is right for you.

Enjoy your delicious wines!