Beer is a favorite beverage for many people. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold beer at the end of a long day’s work. While beer from the traditional “big breweries” can be very good, there is definitely something to be said for the craft beer that is produced on a much smaller scale by the many local microbreweries. They offer a variety of tastes and style of beer that you just can’t find in the everyday mass produced beers that so many are familiar with. If you own one of these breweries, then you know just how delicious and special these beers are, and a special beer deserves a special glass. A custom printed beer glass or stein is a great way to promote your brew and show it to its best advantage.

 Custom glasses or steins are the perfect way to promote your brewery. One way that they can be used is to hold an “open house” tasting party at your brewery, where beer aficionados can get a tour of the facilities, meet the staff, and find out just how your beer is made. After the tour, you can treat your guests to a taste of your latest creations, served in glasses that have been custom printed with your breweries name and logo. The guests can take them home, and the next time they are in the mood for a delicious cold beer, yours will be the first name they think of. You can also sell different styles of custom printed glasses or steins in your breweries gift shop for people to buy either as a souvenir of their tour or a gift for a friend.

 Trade shows and gourmet expos are other places where custom printed glasses can be used to great effect. You can have glasses in plastic or glass printed with your breweries name and logo on them to fill with your beer and give them to members of he public who stop by to visit your booth. They are sure to enjoy the chance to try samples of the different varieties of your craft beer. Many people will take these glasses home and re-use them, which helps promote your brewery. These glasses are not expensive, and they come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials such as Styrofoam, plastic, acrylic and glass. . You can choose the one that best suits the event and your budget.

 Another good use for these custom printed glasses is to combine them with samples of your beer and other promotional items and sell them as a gift basket or box. These make an ideal present for the gourmet beer lover, and are perfect for Christmas, a birthday, or any other time of the year, and are wonderful for the person who is very hard to buy for.

 Microbreweries and brewers of craft beer provide beer drinkers with a welcome alternative to the ordinary mass produced beer that’s so commonly available. They showcase the art of brewing at it’s best, and a special beer deserves a special glass. Glasses that have been custom printed with your breweries name and logo are the perfect way to help share your delicious beer with the rest of the world.