As any good business owner knows, a company’s success rises and falls on the hard work and dedication of its employees. Your staff work hard for you everyday, and when they have really gone above and beyond to meet the targets you’ve set for them, you’d like to reward them. There are many ways that you could choose to do this, but one that is sure to be appreciated is to surprise your staff with a special luncheon that you have catered in for them. Imagine how pleased they’ll be when they show up for what they assume will be just another run of the mill lunch meeting and find that a special meal has been brought in for them! They’ll be even more pleasantly surprised when they see that a glass or mug that has been custom printed just for them has been included as part of each place setting. They are sure to feel very appreciated.

Custom printed glassware is an inexpensive way to show your staff you care about them and value their hard work. There’s many styles to choose form, and selecting the one that best suits your staff’s “personality’ and needs will show tem that you care enough to take the time to pick something that you know they’ll be able to put to good use. Whether their tastes are better suited to a simple and practical mug for coffee or tea, a sporty thermal travel mug or a stylish champagne glass, you are sure to find just the right one to suit your staff.

If a catered lunch isn’t suitable for your workplace, there are lots of other ways that custom printed glassware can be used to show you staff your appreciation. One idea is to fill each mug or glass with gourmet chocolate, candies, or coffee , wrap them with colorful cellophane, tie them with a pretty bow and place one on each employee’s desk for a special “good morning surprise”. If your workplace is more casual, then an after work party may be just the thing. You can even create a signature cocktail or non-alcoholic drink just for the event. Each employee can be presented with their own custom printed glass to use for the party and then take home when the nights over.

Custom printed glassware is a way to show appreciation that’s as practical as it is attractive. It’s not like so many other trinkets that simply get put in a drawer and forgotten (or , even worse, get thrown in the garbage). Instead, custom glassware is something your staff will be able to use again and again. They may choose to use a mug for their daily coffee fix, display it on their desk or take it and use it at home. Custom glasses are also useful, and are fancy enough that they can be proudly displayed at home.

Everyone likes to feel that their hard work and efforts are appreciated, and your staff members are no different. Custom printed glassware makes perfect choice to show your appreciation, and when given to your staff in a creative way, can show them just how much you value their hard work.