Acrylic Drinkware items are rather new to the scene. However, people are starting to notice the benefits of using acrylic glassware in their homes or at various events, and the demand for this type of glassware is increasing every year. Acrylic glassware is very resistant to impact, and due to its tough build and reasonable weight, it fits very well in your hand. You could say that acrylic glassware is the middle way between glass glassware and plastic glassware, but that won’t wouldn’t be entirely accurate.

The best way to illustrate how and when acrylic items might be useful is to point out to a few common scenarios and situations where glassware may not be the best option.

1. Teenage parties
You know how teenagers are. The last thing you want is to give them a bunch of things that can easily be broken. Not only is glass-made “anything” bad for any type of kids gathering (because of the high probability something might be broken or cause injury), but cost-wise, it’s not a good investment in this particular setting.

2. Gatherings of elderly people
With all of these examples, the main concern is breakage and trying to avoid that.  Another great thing about acrylic items is that they are typically lighter than glassware, which is also great for the elderly. This type of glassware offers a similar clarity but with a toughness unmatched by other material.

3. Children gatherings
Children gatherings are most always a pain to organize. When have you ever seen such gatherings without minor incidents occurring? When organizing an event like this it’s important to eliminate every risk factor that is within your control. Custom acrylic drinkware is a safer option than standard glassware. Every child may drop his or her glass at least once, so you need to make sure there’s nothing made of glass they need to handle.

4. Sports events
People at sports events might not be as clumsy are kids are, however, in sports events, things are a bit chaotic due to the large amount of people participating.  Everyone’s trying to get autographs or move from one place to another, so plastic or acrylic glassware should replace standard glassware. For large sports events plastic is a better option cost-wise, however, in smaller gatherings such as annual school playoffs, you want a product that can be reused.

In the end, it’s all about how the glassware is going to be used and what are the risks associated with handling it, and of course, the profile of the event will also make the difference between choosing plastic glassware and acrylic glassware.  Click here to look through all of our acrylic items.