Lots of people look forward to the day when they can hang up their hat and retire from the rat race. They wait for the day when they’ll be able to call their time their own, come and go as they please and maybe even have the chance to be their own boss. Wouldn’t it be nice to retire to a little place in the country, or maybe by the sea, where you can enjoy your retired life? Many people do this, and they choose to earn a little bit of extra money by opening their home to others as a bed and breakfast or country inn. They get to meet new people and share the charms of their home with someone who can really use the time to relax.

If you are considering converting your home into an inn or bed and breakfast, you’ll want to make sure to provide your guests with the best that you can offer. You’ll want to use high quality linens, cutlery, dishes and other glassware. One idea that can make your glassware really special is to order glassware with the name of your bed and breakfast or inn custom printed on it.

This custom printed glassware will look great and can reflect the overall style and atmosphere of your establishment. You can choose a casual style of glassware with a simple script, or set a more formal tone with stylish glassware with a fancier, cursive style script. You can also carry this theme onto your coffee mugs, ashtrays or other glassware items.

You don’t have to confine the use of your custom printed glassware to the meal table. If your guests are enjoying a romantic getaway, why not pack them a romantic picnic basket in which you’ve placed a special meal or snack, a bottle of wine and two custom printed champagne flutes? Give them that and a blanket and they’ll be ready to enjoy a romantic picnic on the beach or other special place. You can even have custom printed steel travel mugs prepared, which are perfect for your guests to take with them while they enjoy a quiet morning stroll. If you have guests during the wintertime, they’ll be sure to appreciate a steaming cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea in a travel mug that they can take along with them while the go out to enjoy the days activities.

When it’s time to go home your guests will want to have a souvenir of their wonderful time to take home with them. If they were on a romantic getaway, a pair of custom printed champagne flutes or wine glasses are an excellent choice, while a custom printed coffee mug is ideal for other situations. These items are both beautiful and functional, and will make excellent reminders of their stay. They may even decide to come back next year and enjoy another pleasant stay at your establishment.

Operating a bed and breakfast or country in can be a very nice way to enjoy your retirement. You’ll get to meet lots of different people and share your home with them. Custom printed glassware can add the final finishing touch to your special place.