Choosing gifts…you may love it or hate it, yet truth is there are items that make for ideal gifts regardless of how pretentious or grumpy the person receiving them may be. These same items are also versatile enough to suit different occasions, so whenever you feel fed up by all the fuss associated with making gifts, remember that glassware can be special enough to be turned into an awesome and memorable gift. There’s really no fuss about it, but you do need to familiarize yourself with a few tips in order to pick the right glassware. Really, a plain water glass is not and won’t ever be considered an interesting present, unless you pick one really marvelous. Here’s how to pick glassware gifts:

First of all, make sure your glassware options are age appropriate. What, didn’t you think kids could go crazy about a glass? Sure they can, if you pick one with interesting shapes inside that, when filled with colored liquid, stand out in the most awesome of ways. Find one with sweet motifs for girls or tough contours, like a skeleton, for boys. You should also want to make sure you pick funky glasses made of tough glass that doesn’t break; useful for both kids and elderly people, or for drunken youngsters for that matter.

Wedding day celebrations or anniversaries are really headache-worthy when you don’t know what to buy. Some of the easiest-to-make gifts consist of personalized champagne flutes. These include all sorts of options, from the most elegant and tasteful, to completely hilarious. It only depends on how you want your gift to be remembered afterwards.

Who doesn’t know at least a few people who love alcoholic beverages like wine, cocktails or beer? If you love to throw a bit of irony in the equation, pick glasses with “subtle” hints to your friends’ favorite liquid hobby. Or simply buy a classy set of wine receptacles. That makes for a pretty impressive gift for any authoritative person, be it your boss or your father-in-law.

Keep in mind that glassware doesn’t solely refer to drinking glasses, so you might want to consider a cool vase as a gift for the fairer sex. Go to antique shops to get really sophisticated ideas, or pick edgy flower vases with funky abstract shapes.

Speaking of antique shops, undamaged glassware and dishes can make for great, unique gifts for your loved ones. Just be extra careful to check every piece you like for chips or any signs of inferior quality. Never buy anything from an antique shop when you’re in a hurry. There’s nothing more disturbing than making glassware gifts with unsightly surface flaws.