Have you ever been in a situation where you have unexpected guests come over and you have to entertain them? Well, in these situations most people find out which items they need in their kitchen so they are always prepared to receive their guests properly. For example, having to serve guests coffee in a wine glass, or a margarita in a scotch glass isn't something you would want to do again. By purchasing custom glassware you will have just what you need to serve cocktails or any beverage the way it’s meant to be served! Here are some different glassware items that will be useful to have in any kitchen:

Coffee Mugs
If you're having guests over, you can have custom made coffee mugs that your loved ones can take home with them! Since these are so cheap, they will make great gifts without you spending a fortune. The mugs can have a quote printed on them, the guest's names or even a picture! If your guests don't like coffee they can have any other hot beverage in these, including hot chocolate.

Shot Glasses
Let's face it, sometimes there is just a need for shots when it comes to having a party or having some fun! If you are hosting a group at your place, and don't have shot glasses, you shouldn't expect everyone to drink out of a larger glass. Not only does this create more of a mess for you to clean up, it also creates a challenge of pouring the shots evenly. Custom shot glasses can even be made in advance for things like bachelor parties, graduations or other occasions.

Wine Glasses
Whether you're having guests over or not, custom wine glasses are essential for any household. Not only are they great for special (okay and every other night) dinners, they are also great to use for entertaining purposes! If you want to go for an elegant look, get your initials put onto the glass. This will make them look really special and will ensure nobody takes them home! You can even put a customization with a quote if you want to go for an even more unique glass.

Beer Glasses
If you want to provide your friends and family members with a nice beer glass, customization will make their beverage taste experience even better. These can be made for special events, specific family members (just imagine "Tom's Beer Glass" for the beer lover in the family!) or anything else you would like. There are a lot of different shapes of beer glasses and you can have fun with their customization as well.

One unique thing you can do with any of these glasses is have them made for occasions when you know you will have people over. For example, you could have some wine glasses made that say your family name and "happy holidays". You could do this with coffee mugs as well, the possibilities are endless! Since there are tons of different glassware items to choose from, you can print on them whatever your imagination comes up with.